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Review: Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures, Part 1

As many who are critics and fans alike are aware, Kevin Trudeau, scam artist extraordinaire and mongrel of multi-level marketing, has a new book out, which is titled, More Natural Cures Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease. This one is a follow-up to his previous work of pulp fiction, Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About.

I wrote a critical review of Trudeau's infomercial in which he provided some very bogus information (known by critical thinkers as "lies"), which you can find at this link.

I thought it prudent to review his first book, Natural Cures, especially since in his latest work of admitted fiction, Trudeau instructs his readers to read it if they haven't already. I spent the better part of two or three afternoons in my local Barnes & Noble, sucking down coffee (of course) and making notes from their copy of Trudeau's nonsense. I refused to actually pay for it.

The following is my brief review on Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About.

Trudeau structures his book in 15 chapters and three appendices:

  1. I should be dead now
  2. What's wrong with health care in America?
  3. It's all about money
  4. Who are "they"?
  5. Why are we sick?
  6. How to never get sick again
  7. Why people are fat
  8. How to lose weight effortlessly and keep it off forever
  9. How to read food labels
  10. Not convinced?
  11. Frequently asked questions
  12. Still not convinced?
  13. "Natural" cures for specific diseases
  15. The Solution

Appendix A. Free Bonus Materials: Newsletter articles
Appendix B. No-Hunger Bread: a true FDA horror story
Appendix C. How to find a health care practitioner


As is the case with all con-artists that wish to avoid legal problems due to their bogus "self-help" books, Trudeau begins with a disclaimer:

Before you read this book you had better check with your medical doctor, your friends, your politicians, your priest, your rabbi, your psychic, and anyone you feel is smarter than you, and see if you can get permission to read what I have to say.

Trudeau sets his tone of the book right from the beginning. He seeks to appeal to the natural human tendency to root for the underdog, but I hope, as I construct this criticism of his work, that it will be revealed that Trudeau is anything but an underdog. He is a con-artist. A fraud. Indeed, his "books" are frauds perpetrated on the real underdogs: the consumers that Trudeau pretends to be and advocate for. Trudeau is the proverbial wolf in sheep's clothing, which seeks to fleece the pocketbooks of people with a genuine need to find solutions in healthcare.

And so the tone of the book is begun, the affronted underdog, oppressed by "the establishment" who is restricting his rights to free speech. He then goes on to impart that everything in the book is his "opinion" and anything done by the reader without medical supervision is done at their own risk. The book, he maintains, is for "educational purposes only" and only a medical doctor can prescribe medications, punctuated by Trudeau's commentary of "how sad!"

The "educational purpose" of Natural Cures would seem to be on how a con-artist is able to appeal to hopes and fears of his mark in order to get them to spend $30 on a book and potentially hundreds more on junk newsletters and a subscription website.

Kevin Trudeau Should be Dead.

Or at least that's what the title of his first chapter would indicate. In it, Trudeau begins with a personal anecdote of being diagnosed with a heart problem: mitral valve prolapse (MVP). This heart condition, which Trudeau calls a "severe" condition, took days to get diagnosed by "three of the top heart specialists in America" who used "the most advanced medical diagnostic devices" was discovered by a single new age nutbar (Dr. Yiwen Tang of Century Center in Reno, NV) with a magical meridian energy device (the "Dermatron ") was able to find his MVP in just a few seconds! Moreover, it was a "natural, inexpensive, quick and painless" treatment that cured him. A "treatment" so secret and "forbidden" in America, that it is illegal!. But Trudeau claims that just two months after his "treatment," further diagnosis by doctors (real ones, apparently) revealed no heart problem.

Folks, this is how the book begins, and it continues in exactly the same bullshit fashion throughout. Let me explain:

Mitral valve prolapse is a common heart condition which affects up to 25% of the population. Those that have MVP typically have a minor problem with their mitral valve that allows small amounts of blood to leak back in the heart when the valve doesn't properly close. Even the most novice of nurses trained to listen for it can hear the tell-tale "clicking" that accompanies the normal heartbeat and certainly any medical doctor could diagnose the condition in only a few seconds with a simple stethoscope (simple but definitely the only "advanced diagnostic device" needed!). You see, mitral valve prolapse is also known by its more common name: heart murmur; a late-systolic murmur to be exact.


CORRECTION: I'll leave the incorrect information in the paragraph above intact. Wondering if I was right about the ease with which MVP is detectable (I based my assumption on a conversation I recall with a nurse I once worked with a few years ago), I asked a pediatrician to fact check for me. That pediatrician is Clark Bartram over at Unintelligent Design, and I owe him a big thank you for setting me straight. I should have asked him sooner!

As it turns out, MVP is bit more complicated than most heart murmurs: "There are a number of cardiac issues that can lead to a murmur and not all murmurs are pathologic. Also the click is not always present, nor is a murmur. It is often an incidental finding with no significance (Clark Bartram)." He also noted that, while even skilled nurses and doctors might not be able to diagnose MVP with a stethoscope, as I so wrongly stated, the condition is easily detected by echocardiogram, which still makes Trudeau's anecdote of taking weeks to be discovered through the most advanced diagnostic equipment a bit of balderdash.

Also provided was a new source of information, eMedicine, which notes: "In the US: MVP can be identified by echocardiography in 3-4% of the general population, and it is identified in 7% of autopsies." The MV Prolapse site I linked to above gave a figure of 5-20%.

Trudeau says that physicians told him that the condition was "incurable," which is true if what is expected in the definition of "cure" is something that can be ingested or consumed to change the body's physiology. But in cases that are serious, the mitral valve can be operated on, replacing the valve itself, thus "curing" the individual. The valve itself is faulty and a hereditary condition. Yet Trudeau claims to have a magical cure that he refuses to share with the world.

This magical cure is as much bullshit as the diagnosis he alleges to have received from the new age nutbar. Trudeau claims that the "Dermatron Machine" was able to diagnose his MVP. The only truth Trudeau offers in this chapter appears to be that the "Dermatron " is illegal and so is the treatment he claims: cellular injection therapy. There are good reasons.

The Dermatron

A good source of information on this quack device can be found at (Barrett 2005). From Dr. Barrett's article there:

Proponents, claim these devices measure disturbances in the body's flow of "electro-magnetic energy" along "acupuncture meridians." [1] Actually, these devices are little more than fancy galvanometers that measure electrical resistance of the patient's skin when touched by a probe. The device emits a tiny direct electric current that flows through a wire from the device to a brass cylinder covered by moist gauze, which the patient holds in one hand. A second wire is connected from the device to a probe, which the operator touches to "acupuncture points" on the patient's other hand or a foot. This completes a low-voltage circuit and the device registers the flow of current.

The information is then relayed to a gauge or computer screen that provides a numerical readout on a scale of 0  to 100. According to Voll's theory: readings from 45 to 55 are normal ("balanced"); readings above 55 indicate inflammation of the organ "associated" with the "meridian" being tested; and readings below 45 suggest "organ stagnation and degeneration." The size of the number actually depends on how hard the probe is pressed against the patient's skin.

Such devices aren't complicated or magical. Nor do they do what their proponents claim. Not a single valid study has been conducted that demonstrates that they work. And it would be a simple experiment for the proponents to validate. Simply set up a double-blind experiment using both ill and non-ill subjects of whichever disease or ailment the proponents of the device are most comfortable with and record the results. Either it will detect and cure or it won't.

Trudeau's fans will doubtlessly note that he doesn't indicate in chapter one that the device "cures" but others do elsewhere, and I wouldn't be at all surprised to discover that the con-artist Trudeau is willing to support these claims if it furthers his own agenda –which, clearly, is to pad his wallet.

Devices similar to the Dermatron are used and claimed by other alternative medicine nutbars such as Hulda Clark, author of The Cure for All Cancers, and the idea was born of Reinhold Voll, a 1950s acupuncturist. The circuitry of modern devices of this sort are simple square-wave oscillators with a one or two resisters and capacitors and a potentiometer to give an oscillation, all running on a small battery of, perhaps, 9-volts. Clark's claim is that such a device is able to cure cancer and provides instruction in her book to build such a device for minimal cost.

One wonders why there are no documented cases of cured cancer. That is, unless you buy into Trudeau's crap. Trudeau uses a logical fallacy (among many, many others) called poisoning the well by setting up the reader to believe that the reason such claims aren't validated is because "Big Pharm," the government, and medical doctors are suppressing it. And he expects you to believe it.

Never mind that going public with verifiable evidence for cures that can cheaply and quickly solve problems like cancer and MVP would make instant heroes and celebrities out of the doctor, government official, or pharmaceutical engineer that can validate them. Never mind that there are peer-review and oversight entities that would prevent such things. Never mind that even if most of the thousands of people who work in these fields were actually dishonest, that there would be almost zero chance that all of them are. Surely one of the "honest" government, pharmaceutical, or medical personnel is able to go public with evidence that a simple, $15 square-wave oscillator can dowse or divine what ails you and even cure you of cancer!

Cellular Injection Therapy

Yes. It's illegal. And for good reason since the concept involves injecting cellular material from other species of animals into people.

Again, Dr. Stephen Barrett (2003) offers some well-researched information, useful to the lay-person who may be deceived by con-artists and fraudsters who care about your money and not your health as they claim. I'll include Barrett's citations.

  • A 1957 survey of 179 West German hospitals revealed 80 cases of serious immunological reactions, 30 of them fatal, in cellular treatment recipients (Gelband et al 1990).
  • In 1975, the AMA's consumer magazine Today's Health described how two men died from gas gangrene following injections of fetal sheep cells at the New Life Clinic near Fort Meyers, Florida, operated by Robert A. Peterson, Jr., D.O. The article noted that: (a) Peterson falsified the cause of death on the death certificate in an attempt to conceal what had happened, and (b) in Germany alone, 35 deaths had been traced to practitioners who had tried to use Niehans's technique; and (c) Peterson subsequently had his license revoked and was indicted for mail fraud and tax evasion (Lindemann & Cubbison 1975)
  • In 1981, allergic reactions to calf thymus tissue derived from 5-day-old animals were reported in a study of patients with histiocytosis X (Osband et al 1981).
  • During the 1980s, cases were reported of polyradiculitis, leukoencephalitis, Guillian-BarrĂ© syndrome, immune complex vasculitis, encephalopathy, and a blistering skin disease resembling bullous pemphigoid (de Ritter et al 1987; Goebel et al 1986; Bohl et al 1989).
  • In 1987, the British journal Lancet reported on the death of a popular female athlete who had received several hundred injections of various cell preparations. She had developed a painful nerve condition, had been given dipyrone (a dangerous drug), and had gone into fatal shock (Lancet 1987).

In closing of this portion of my review, I'll add that there are good reasons why the Dermatron and "cellular injection therapy" are both illegal. They're harmful. They're sole purpose is to deceive those that are desperate for health care and take their money, regardless of the risks to their health or the shams they're based on.

Throughout his book Trudeau condemns modern Western medicine and uses another logical fallacy, which is the appeal to the ancients or tradition. Trudeau maintains that alternative treatments, cures, and lifestyles are healthier and more advantageous and gives whole lists of "problems" with modern medicine, health and hygiene (many if not most items are simply wrong, out of context, or out-right lies). No one can deny that there are improvements that can be made in modern healthcare, and let us hope this will always be the case… who would want to live in a society where healthcare and medicine are rigid and unchanging where progress is absent? But it cannot be overlooked that modern Western medicine works. The average lifespan of cultures where Western medicine has not been introduced is far, far less than that of Western societies. Anthropological and archaeological evidence is very clear. Earlier humans had lifespans of about 40-45. In some African nations where Western medicine has yet to be consistently introduced, the average lifespan is about 35 even today.

I'll continue this with additional parts, reviewing other chapters of Trudeau's book of pseudoscience, lies and deception if this one gets a lot of hits and comments (good or bad).



Barrett, Stephen (2003). Cellular Therapy.

Barrett, Stephen (2005). Quack "Electrodiagnostic" Devices.

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Lettuce said...

Fascinating, Carl. Thank you. And I hope you continue on with more of this.

The Sanity Inspector said...

Nice roundup, thanks.

Dark Chocolate said...

See my post at Can't stand him either.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Severnteen year old, and i strongly support Keving Tredeau in everything he writes about.Everybody that thinks that was is obviosly full of shit, and I wouldnt doubt it you where all fat and unhealthy. Although we will see who gets the last laugh when all of you that DOUBTED Kevin are all unhealthy, and have diseases. Keep being your arrigent selves but you guys aren't hurting him you guys are hurting your damn selves. atleast he is speaking his mind and doing something more productive. As for the natural cures i BELIEVE and will continue believing not only because of the book, but because my family and I have expierenced similar stories, and we have all been cured NATURALLY. Why do you think that our ancestors used to be able to live past one hundred years?... because they used to use HERBS! to cure them selves naturaly, but whatever its your loss... it's sad to know that we live in a goverment thats corrupted just to get more money. now that is what i call BULLSHIT!

17 years old

CFeagans said...

I'm a Severnteen year old, and i strongly support Keving Tredeau in everything he writes about.Everybody that thinks that was is obviosly full of shit, and I wouldnt doubt it you where all fat and unhealthy.

Son, I'm 40 years old and rarely get sick. I could stand to lose 10 or 12 pounds, but when (if) you reach 40, come talk to me. But I agree with you that anyone who supports "Tredeau in everything he writes" is obviously full of shit.

atleast he is speaking his mind and doing something more productive.

Trudeau is writing fiction. He's making things up and appealing to the credulous (that'd be you, sonny) to sell his books. Ironically, he derides "Big Pharma" but makes a very hefty profit from his snakeoil. Is he really "doing something productive?" There's no evidence to support that assertion, unless you just count making money off of willing believers. Is he really speaking his mind? Sure. And he has the right to free speech. I applaud it and defend to the death his right to author any book with any opinion he chooses. But I will also exercise my right to free speech and debunk his complete nonsense.

my family and I have expierenced similar stories, and we have all been cured NATURALLY.

Good for you and yours. If you've actually bothered to read my work on this site with regard to Trudeau, you'll have noticed that I didn't ever say that there weren't natural cures that actually work. There aren't, however, very many that are effective compared to modern medicines that are specifically designed to do specific jobs. Quinine is derived from a natural substance and was first found in a tree bark. But anyone who travels abroad to malaria prone countries without malaria pills that are specifically produced for the malaria in those regions is foolish.

it's sad to know that we live in a goverment thats corrupted just to get more money. now that is what i call BULLSHIT!

You do realize, that Trudeau is depending on the stupidity and ignorance of the credulous -the willing believer- to make his $29.95 and subscribe to his newsletter and internet site in a manner that is just as corrupt as you are accusing the government, right? Moreover, I've not made any attempt to defend government corruption. In other circles and in other topics, I've been very critical of my government's corruption and poor spending.

In the end, your little 17-year old misspelled rant is nothing but the anger of someone whose belief is being challenged by critical thought. The same response can be had when skeptics challenge UFO and ESP nutters or when atheists question the beliefs of religious nutbars.

Kevin Trudeau is a conman. A scam artist. A fraud and a thief. He doesn't give a rat's ass about your health or mine. He just wants your money. And one look at the shelves upon shelves of books in the New Age and Christian sections of a Barnes and Noble are evidence that the credulous are willing to shell out as much as $29.95 for that which they believe in.

CFeagans said...

As an afterthought, I noticed that anonymous didn't actually refute anything I wrote. He didn't dispute any of the facts I revealed, he only disputed his beliefs as opposed to the evidence.

Interesting. Come back, anonymous. Set us all straight. What basic facts did I get wrong about the Dermatron or anything else?

And do come back for Part 2, which you've helped motivate me to write. I'm just starting. Thanks, anonymous.

Anonymous said...

One thing that none of you mentioned was the fact that Kevin Trudeau has served two years in federal prison for fraud. He admits it himself in the book (very briefly I might add). I must admit that I was buying into some of the things that he wrote in the book until I read that. I immediately looked him up on the Better Business Bureau website and found that he had almost 600 complaints over the past 36 months (an absorbanant amount compared to other big businesses). I got the book for free, with the exception of shipping and handling, but I'm upset that I wasted the $9.95 on the crap. I wish I had have looked him up first before calling the 800 number. Now a convicted felon has my credit card number, phone number, and address. I tell you, I've learned a valuable lesson about buying things off of T.V.

CFeagans said...

I actually did point that out in a critical review of Trudeau's infomercial at this link.

But I should have included that info in this post as well... thanks for pointing that out.

More on Trudeau's legal troubles with the FTC here.

His Better Business Bureau report can be found here.

Anonymous said...

I think you have read the book with a certain bias which stopped a totally fair treatment. I stand a bit in the middle I dont agree with him suggesting Hulda Clark and some of the more bizare treatments. But as far as eating whole organic foods and supplementing your diets with superfoods known to help you thats fine. I also support the view that most pharmaceutical drugs are toxic man made elements that produce a vast array of side effects and that with proper nutrition and detoxification our bodies can heal themselves. With drugs one only has to look at the problems with viox causing all those deaths with heart attacks, antidepressants causing suicidal thoughts in teenagers and adults, antiobiotics killing all good bacteria in your system. One of the biggest killers in the united states are wrong use or interaction of pharmeceutical drugs. Mr Quackwatch won't report this becuase he is a doctor and its his paypacket. Sure the Hulda Clarks and some others are quacks but for goodness sake so are the pharmaceutical toxic medicine society pushers. I mean hello are you so naive to think science and the medical establishment is going to save you? A hundred years ago the medical establishment used arsenic to cure diseases, today we look back and think how could they? are we not going to look back in a hundred years time at 2006 and think how could they have infliced those poisons on the population, its a matter of people thinking they know the best at a point of time in history, but the results suggest otherwise. If science and the medical establishment is so good why are lifestyle diseases killing more people than ever, such as Heart Disease, obesity, cancer? You see where people change their diet, eat whole foods, exercise, they get thinner and healthier. You see others make no change in their lifestyle, pop pills, get fatter, more unfit, try to overide their system with drugs that fix symptoms, mask the real problem and die. Doctors arent healthier than the rest of the population, in fact they die earlier than the rest, their merchants of chemical quick fixes that mask how sick we really are. I think you need a more balanced view on your attack on Trudeau, I agree he is out to make a buck, but Im sure he doesnt make as much as the pharmaceutical guys.

Anonymous said...

Yes we should all be as "balanced" as the author of the last comment. I don't even know where to begin with that tripe so I just won't. I'm too busy giving toxins to babies right now. If only we could give these premature newborns organic superfoods. What a world, what a world!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. You site a handful of deaths at the hands of "cell-therapy". What horrible statistics! Almost as bad as someone receiving "chemo-therapy", wouldn't you say? Most have a 1 in 10 chance of living after receiving injections of that shit. And it ain't because of the raging cancer that they shuffle off, but because the crap that passes for therapy has chewed up their insides. Because most chemotherapy is derivative of mustard gas. Yet that ain't "quack-worthy". Hell no. Its great stuff. MD and FDA certified.

Carry on the great work!

CFeagans said...

In just one of the bullets I cited, there were 30 deaths. I know of no culture that considers this to be a "handful."

On of the problems with illegal and fraudulent practices like "cellular injection therapy" is that there are few statistics reported. The con artists and quacks tend to avoid legitimate data recording and we're left to comment on events that get noticed or where others have come forward with data. In these cases, deaths and serious injuries had occurred.

It's interesting that you would choose to compare a legitimate medical practice to a pseudoscience, offering some casual derision of the science without offering a shred of actual data to support the bunk.

One has the benefit of many years of research, double-blind trials, and well documented use; the other has absolutely no basis in science, there's no reason to expect it to be anything but harmful, and absolutely *no* peer-reviewed publications exist that support it.

Moreover, the science behind chemotherapy is sound. Making ignorant and nonsensical comments like "derivative of mustard gas" are simply derisions based on the logical fallacy of false dichotomy: the pseudoscientific claim is challenged, therefore attack a legitimate practice (and attack it with ignorance, giving rise to another logical fallacy: argument from personal incredulity).

Chemotherapy is risky and has side-effects. No one disputes that. But there are many tumors that respond only to alkylating agents, Topoisomerase inhibitors, monoclonal antibodies and the like. Response rates for chemotherapy in applications like treating breast cancers have been very good and the same can be said about other forms of cancer.

But now I'm falling for the straw man you presented. Let's turn the attention back where it belongs. Come on, sport, show us the data that supports cellular injection therapy. Like many advocates of pseudoscience and poppycock, you're trying to avoid dealing with that issue by pointing at the failings of science (without bothering to support your assertions with facts, mind you). You're the tough guy, demonstrate that injecting what appears to be random animal blood and cells into humans is safe and effective. Explain to us all what protocols are involved in choosing the particular cellular therapy regimen and what is used to empirically determine this.

My bet is "anonymous" has moved on.

Anonymous said...

I'll do you one better. I'll attack your institutions as you attack the ones you call quack. After all, I would get you your data, if your vested interests ever gave it a fair chance in the "real world". But HEY! You can't patent "live cells" from a pig. Oh well. Lets fill their veins with drano (an alkaloid). Oh my! We can patent drano! Yes! But I digress...

"Modern-day chemotherapy has its origins on the battlefields of the First World War. Military doctors noticed that soldiers exposed to mustard gas, a chemical warfare agent, died because their bone marrow was destroyed (a condition called 'bone marrow aplasia'). Doctors began to investigate why this might have happened, and in 1942, 'nitrogen mustard' was used in a hospital in the US to treat lymphoma patients, albeit with limited success."

Tsk. Tsk. And you didn't even know did you?

Or this:

"On the night of December 2, 1943, German Ju 88 bombers attacked the port of Bari in Southern Italy, sinking several American ships - among them John Harvey, which was carrying mustard gas intended for use in retaliation by the Allies if German forces initiated gas warfare. The presence of the gas was highly classified, and authorities ashore had no knowledge of it - which increased the number of fatalities, since physicians, who had no idea that they were dealing with the effects of mustard gas, prescribed treatment proper for those suffering from exposure and immersion.

The whole affair was kept secret at the time and for many years after the war (in the opinion of some, there was a deliberate and systematic cover-up). According to the U.S. military account, "Sixty-nine deaths were attributed in whole or in part to the mustard gas, most of them American merchant seamen"[2] out of 628 mustard gas military casualties.[3] The large number of civilian casualties among the Italian population were not recorded. Part of the confusion and controversy derives from the fact that the German attack was highly destructive and lethal in itself, also apart from the accidental additional effects of the gas (it was nicknamed "The Little Pearl Harbor"), and attribution of the causes of death between the gas and other causes is far from easy. The affair is the subject of two books: Disaster at Bari by Glenn B. Infield and Nightmare in Bari: The World War II Liberty Ship Poison Gas Disaster and Coverup by Gerald Reminick."

That last one from Wikipedia.

69 people in one fell swoop? Hardly a handful either. Nor are the millions felled each year. Not by cancer. But by its established ways of dealing with it.

Case in point. A vibrant, lively 53 year old man, that I knew, one day went to his family physician for a "general" checkup. He hadn't gone in years and his wife figured it was for the best. The checkup revealed a tumor on his lungs. 6 months later he was dead.

I remember him coming up to me in the driveway after not having seen him for over a month AFTER having been diagnosed. He was sporting a ball cap, something I'd never seen him wearing before. It was then that he revealed that he'd already started chemo and that he'd lost all his hair. I asked him how he felt before finding out about the cancer. "Fine" was his reply. "Blast it, I knew I shouldn't have gone in for that checkup" he chuckled. "How do you feel now?" I asked. "The shits."

How much longer might he have lived had he NOT been subjected to chemo? One thing was for sure. A lot longer than 6 months.

By the way, you would really sound more convincing, if you actually did some research.

Moved on? Hardly. You now have a new pen pal to make sure your readers don't miss anything...

CFeagans said...

Your fallacious attempts at making some sort of analogy are leaving me confused. I'm assuming that since you understand that drain cleaner is alkaline-based as are some drugs used in chemotherapy that they are thus the same product. This not only demonstrates a logical fallacy, but your ignorance about chemistry.

And saying that scientific inspiration arose from a battlefield observation is a far cry from demonstrating that chemotherapy drugs are "derived" from mustard gas.

Apart from your first two paragraphs, I fail to see any relevance for your remaining rant. The topic isn't the shortcomings and failures of the medical industry (I acknowledge these *do* exist) but, rather, the complete fraud that Kevin Trudeau is. He's a conman. His books have no intellectual or academic value. And I challenged you to support the following assertions to which you have avoided:

1) what are the data that supports cellular injection therapy?

2) demonstrate that injecting what appears to be random animal blood and cells into humans is safe and effective.

If you want to discuss the medical industry, start your own blog and link it here. I'll be happy to provide my criticisms of bad medicine and the failings of the health industry. They both have problems. Comments here are about the pseudoscience of Kevin Trudeau's Natural Cures.

But thanks for commenting. Please continue.

Anonymous said...

Fine. Have it your way.

"There has been a huge increase in the number of health care products available, but live cell therapy is the only therapy that can actually regenerate cells and tissues. This is what makes it so unique. From 1954 to 1993, more than 1,500 experiments involving whole cells, cell extracts and cell fractions were published in scientific journals. For example, Chase and Landsteiner, two of the founding fathers of Cellular Immunology, conducted a number of in vivo animal experiments demonstrating that injections of whole spleen or thymus cells into live animals such as mice or guinea pigs could enhance immunity. By 1933, tens of thousands of physicians in the U.S. had treated many thousands of patients suffering from various ailments with oral or injected live cells (Harrower, 1933) or dried or desiccated glandular tissue in order to restore or regenerate cells and boost function. Substances such as pituitary, pancreas, thyroid, adrenal, ovary and testes extracts were available commercially and used by some of the most eminent physicians. However, the advent of synthetic hormones and their almost immediate and seemingly miraculous effect led to a decline in the availability and the use of these whole gland concentrates (Organo Therapy, 1994). Now, often encountering the limitations and dangers of using synthetic hormones, some physicians are returning to or experiencing for the first time the benefits of using live cell extracts with their patients. Below are some actual examples of the uses of live cell extract therapy."

Call me crazy, but if I had cancer and I had to choose between live animal cells and drano, I'll take the live animal cells.

Here's more. You do know how to read and research on your own, don't you? Why do you want me to cite all of Google. But fine, have it your way.

"Be aware that many American doctors, unknowingly and without study, have referred to HCT (Heteronucleic Cell Therapy) as an "unscientific" treatment. Those physicians are not aware of, or refuse to read, any of the over 1000 scientific publications that have already been written in the field of HCT. Nor are they aware of the over 8,000,000 patients that have already safely received HCT in Europe, in centers which are under Swiss, Russian and German government sanction. On the other hand, such uninformed critique disappears when we refer to the treatments used today by allopathic physicians, such as hormones and enzymes, which are extracted from animals, or to collagen, which is injected by plastic surgeons to smooth out wrinkles. Non-human (lamb) fetal cellular and extract therapies were first developed in Germany, Russia and Switzerland in the 1920's. The rationale of HCT is to approach chronic viral, degenerative, congenital, allergic, and some cancerous diseases from an entirely different direction than that of allopathic pharmaceutical (drug oriented) medicine. Fetal lamb freeze dried (lyophilized) cells (or filtered liquid extracts) seem to induce tissue specific structural and functional regeneration in disorders related to the connective tissue, neurological, vascular, respiratory, digestive and immune systems. The HCT therapy in either form is not new, and is allowed by the FDA for use by licensed physicians in investigational protocols under natural products guidelines. Delay in generalized acceptance and application in the United States of HCT has been related to the failure of university teaching centers to instruct in this modality, to pharmaceutical industry influence, and to the fact that nearly all the literature was previously in German. A wealth of peer reviewed basic science and clinical publications around the world now document the mechanism of action and efficacy of HCT in a number of forms, regardless of terminology."

Two interesting things come from this:

A. That you will refute untold years of study, simply on the basis that the studies were not to your liking.

B. That while you eschew the thought of "live animal cells" being injected directly into an area where "bad cells" exist, you chow down nightly on pork, beef and the like with reckless abandon hoping the now surely dead cells will somehow help you.

Interesting logic.

Would you have me dig up more? You can say "uncle" anytime.

CFeagans said...

Call me crazy, but if I had cancer and I had to choose between live animal cells and drano, I'll take the live animal cells

Drano simply isn't a drug used in chemotherapy. Again, this is the example of a poor understanding of chemistry or, if an intentional derision, and example of a straw man argument. No one is suggesting that "Drano" is used to treat cancer, and continuing to assert that drain cleaner is an alkaline therefore medicines used to treat cancer are "Drano" since some have alkaline properties wreaks of ignorance. Truly you're more intelligent than this.

A. That you will refute untold years of study, simply on the basis that the studies were not to your liking.

I'd like to see these "untold years of study" first. Then I can decide whether they are worth refuting or not. All you provided so far are a couple of large copy/pastes from a couple of quack pages. What are the citations to the "years of study?" What are the data outcomes of the double-blind tests of these studies?

B. That while you eschew the thought of "live animal cells" being injected directly into an area where "bad cells" exist, you chow down nightly on pork, beef and the like with reckless abandon hoping the now surely dead cells will somehow help you.

Yet another logical fallacy. At this rate, you're going to fast run out of them. This one is called a non sequitur as it doesn't follow that consuming proteins, which is processed in the digestive system and injecting proteins, which are processed in the circulatory system are the same. Even the most basic biology classes provide an education that explains the immunological response to foreign bodies in the circulatory system.

Would you have me dig up more? You can say "uncle" anytime.

So far you've dug up squat. All you've demonstrated is that there are nutter websites willing to say that poisoning yourself by injecting animal proteins can cure whatever ails you. You have yet to provide the answers to the two challenges I gave you. Like most believers in pseudoscientific poppycock, you're more than willing to bitch and moan about how the skeptic isn't willing to use google and "dig up" bullshit websites. My research practices involve real sources of information: peer-reviewed journals and texts; libraries and scientific publications. I don't rely on crazy nutbars that publish there "testimonials" on the 'net.

My hope is that you actually do some thinking for yourself and apply critical thought rather than relying on the BS that's published by con-artists like Kevin Trudeau, Karl Loren, and Green Beauty Products. Assholes like these care only about turning a buck (ironically, the *very* same thing they and their supporters accuse "Big Pharm" and doctors of doing) and care little of whether your life is prolonged. They just need their victims to believe their quality of life is improved or prolonged.

Anonymous said...

"Drano simply isn't a drug used in chemotherapy. Again, this is the example of a poor understanding of chemistry or, if an intentional derision, and example of a straw man argument."

Golly gee. I guess you're right. I wonder what would happen if you put Drano into someone's arm? It would probably kill everything it came into contact with. Hmmm. Ok. Let's look at the definition of Chemotherapy. Just for your "straw man's" sake.

Chemotherapy is the use of chemical substances to treat disease. In its modern-day use, it refers primarily to cytotoxic drugs used to treat cancer.

And just in case you don't know what cytotoxins are:

"Cytotoxins are substances that mark a characteristic cytotoxicity; that is, are toxic to cells".

So what difference is there between plying Drano into someone's arm and having it kill everything it comes into contact with OR injecting some fancy, pantented oncological drug. Very little from my point of view (or that of most of your dead patients). Your drug can't distinguish between healthy and tumerous cells. And hey! Neither can mine. The only hope your patients have is the "belief" that some drug company actually gives a shit.

I'd like to see these "untold years of study" first. Then I can decide whether they are worth refuting or not.

Apparently the US government doesn't think its horseshit. They issued him a patent for his work. Time to read and be informed.

Now your turn - show me a study that has less than a 90% mortality rate of subjects injected with your chemotherapy. Ok - we both know thats bullshit - how about 50%. I'll save you the trouble. There ain't one.

This one is called a non sequitur as it doesn't follow that consuming proteins, which is processed in the digestive system and injecting proteins, which are processed in the circulatory system are the same.

You missed my point entirely, but that doesn't stop you from finding a term for what you assumed I was trying to say. My point was that you wholeheartedly will consume animal flesh (albeit dead and rotting), but will not even consider that live cells from an animal "may" be able to help a person without having to resort to "dranotherapy". We get injections of foreign proteins all the time - bug bites, animal bites etc. People get allergic reactions and die. Your oncological patients get a few doses of your cytotoxic molotov, get MASSIVE allergic reactions, lose their hair, their teeth, their verility and die an early death. But YOU chalk it up to the disease. How pitiful.

Yet, what I find really pitiful is why you blanketly run the entire book up the old "quack" flagpole. I will admit, he is a little deep on his hatred of the establishment. But he actually has a lot of good things to say. When I initially started blogging here, I'd only read a few pages. Now I'm a few chapters in and what you're doing even makes less sense.

But then again, I suppose you think that Osama Bin Laden downed the Twin Towers as well.

Anonymous said...


Apparently the US government doesn't think its horseshit. They issued him a patent for his work. Time to read and be informed."
Just so you know, the government will givey ou a patent on absolutely anything. Take this for instance :

Anonymous said...

I'm "listening" to Kevin Trudeau's book at present, and I can certainly hear his frustration and emotion, and if I hadn't seen his work or heard of him, it would be easy to jump to the conclusion that it could all be based on sour grapes or something. However, I have seen him work over the years, and a marketer he is that's for sure and an excellent one at that. He does a marvellous job as an articulate professional speaker and good for him if he has the talent to make big money to boot.

I will say more when I have finished the book, but for now I would like to know who you are and what's your game? Your tone is angry. I have heard most of what Kevin Trudeau is saying before from other sources, so I don't find it shocking, but I do find it exciting that more and more people in the know are speaking out with less and less fear. Kevin Trudeau isn't perfect, he has no doubt made plenty of mistakes and has probably paid dearly for them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I have just asked you about you and then I found your biog. I'll go back and read it carefully.

Anonymous said...

you choose to knock trudeau; i have just given his first book a glance; much of what he writes is above criticism
you have already treated dermatron, rightly, in my estimation. there is an even more sensational 'tool', supprted by, amongst others, the honorable wayne dyer md, who should know whereof he speaks: energetic balancing in which your whole-body photo magically becomes a hologram, and there's a guru somewhere in ca [where else if not tibet?] who controls your mental and physical wellbeing twentyfour hours no matter where on the planet you choose to be. costs a grand a fourteen-month year
how about sinking your teeth into that?

Anonymous said...

wow... your review is so angry.... but it would seem more credible if it were more rational...
i like your anonymous penpal... witty :) i'm glad (s)he is keeping you on your toes
I just started Kevin trudeau's book and the info on Pharmaceutical companies and FDA is not new, but I like how organized he is about it and i'm excited he's fighting and can't wait til more people do... many of us know that the drug companies are out for a profit... hello! ... for instance... there is a big caravan with Montel Williams supposedly going around the country giving assistence with free drugs to under privileged people... they boast of donating 5 million, or was it 5 billion dollars a year... wow, how kind of the drug companies... that means, HOW much are they overcharging insurance companies and everyone else to appear like they are doing such a good deed to society to give away free drugs??? i can't even believe they aren't ashamed of themselves or noone has mentioned that it means they are raking in bilions in profits to be "giving away" that much (i.e., tax break and they get to look like heroes - yuck)...
what I find most authentic about Truedeau is that he is in his 40's i think, and actually LOOKS healthy and confident... not what a lot of "doctors" look like... so I tend to believe the proof is in the pudding... guess i'll find out if i try the things he suggests if they work, but i haven't gotten that far in the book yet...

Anonymous said...

Kevin Trudeau for president?

Anonymous said...

If you want to save money, just watch the infomercial. The infomercial content is basically has the same content as the book. However, I am just at Chapter 4 right now.


Anonymous said...

listen to all of you who sware by kevin and his stories are lame there are so many people he has ripped off and continue to rip off i aught to know i worked for his comp selling his books i believed in him til i went into customer service and actually saw how the people that believed in him were treated by the company that does his distribution and shipping i thaught that if i got into the customer service part of the company i could actually help people and that is totally wrong his newsletter cost people a bunch of money all at once and the thing is that half of them neer knew it until they had an over draft charge . their way of dealing with the customers is to have us reps tell them that they will be receiving they're refund in approximatly 60 days and you don't know how many time i had to calm customers down because they were ripped off and there was nothing i could do to help them he is the biggest scamm artist ever he prays on old people and poor people that are looking for some cure that his infomercials claim are in the book yes if you have a computer and the resources there is some good things in there but most of it is garbage be4cause i have looked it up on line myself because i refused to order his book which seeing as i worked there i could've gotten it for free i didn't want it because it is useless DON'T GET SCAMMED BY THE NEW BOOK ON WEIGHT LOSS PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE AND DON'T BOTHER ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE THE CD BECAUSE THEY ARE THE SAME WITH JUST A HAIR OF DIFFERENT INFO IN THEM I AM ALSO GOING TO FIND THE WEB PAGE FOR ALL THE COMPLAINTS AGAINST HIM AND POST AN APOLOGY TO ALL THE CUST I PROMISED I WOULD HELP BECAUSE I WAS NEVER ALLOWED TO CAALL THEM BACK BY COMP POLICY I WOULD'VE HAD TO DO IT ON MY OWN TIME EVEN THOUGH THE SUPERVISOR TELLS US TO TELL THEM WE WILL CALL BACK WITH INFO WHEN RECEIVED SHE NEVER GETS BACK TO REP TO DO CB EVEN WHEN REMINDED SHE IS NOT A BAD PERSON EITHE JUST DOING HER JOB

Anonymous said...

Anybody that sees those 2 guys knows they are scammers. But, worse are all the pharm companies spending billions of dollars on misleading commercials. The soft music and "intelligent" old people all happily taking drugs while softly talking about side effects as the butterfly fly by. THAT's a HUGE scam. At least Trudeau shows his face, pharm commercials brainwash people with actors, tricks and subliminal inferences.
Kevin Trudeau is small time, yet the Pharms went after him? Tells you something. Pharms aren't people, you can't "go after them", the FDA is an entity, Kevin Trudeau is one man. "They attack him, and he wins. Doesn't that make him a SUPER POWERFUL dude? Hahaha
Even if he misleads people sometimes, his ultimate message is one of health. Don't eat fast food; don't drink soda. That advice alone can make you healthier for a fact. If he scams people to make a little extra cash, that's each persons problem. You can't blame a car salesman if you pay too much for a car. If you look at the Pharm companies, they are making a LOT more than he is. Anyways, I am glad he can say what he wants, you can choose to believe what you want. That's the American way. It allows us to say what we want here.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Trudeau is a liar. I read all of the second book without reading the first, while someone I know read the first book. I told her that he's a con-man, she didn't believe me. I asked what "natural cures" were in the first Natural Cures book. she said there wasn't any, because he wasn't allowed to print the actual cures. I told her that the second book had no real cures. It had bullsh*t on how to lose weight, and I tried to follow it for a long time and it barely helped, if it helped at all. So neither books have actual cures, which is odd due to the name of the book has the words 'natural cures' in it. So, what are we left with? Conspiracy theories that really are fiction. His history shows he's a liar and a fraud, and this is no different.

Anonymous said...

The gutter language and arrogance of your "analysis" are indicative of how much your opinion is worth. You are wrong about mitrol valve prolapse. I supposedly have it and it took a echo machine to "maybe" diagnose it as such. My regular doctor hears nothing when listening to my heart but that is the official diagnosis from the "specialist." So, I didn't read the rest of your article because it lacks credibility and probably is just as sarcastic, crude and full of misinformation as the beginning was. You will never have a problem being censored by the government. They encourage crassness. They just don't like anyone who goes against their lust for power.

CFeagans said...

You are wrong about mitrol valve prolapse.

You think? I said as much when I posted a correction within a day or so of the original post.

So, I didn't read the rest of your article because it lacks credibility

Oh. Now I see why you didn't see the part where I said I was wrong about MVP. So you stop reading near the beginning of an article and you're, therefore, qualified to judge my credibility?

By the way, simply saying someone lacks credibility and not demonstrating it through a careful refutation doesn't actually make it so. Except, perhaps, in your mind.

Anonymous said...

This guy is SO full of Sh*t...You should read on his website the things he says about himself...WOW...he may be a really rich man but he's a loser in the game of humanity. (and no, I'm not getting paid by the pharmaceutical companies to bash him)
what a weirdo.

Anonymous said...

I wish your review contained more fact and less opinion.

I'm open minded about whether Trudeau is a saint or a sinner. Your article would have helped me decide if it contained the kind of substantiation you claim Trudeau's books lack.

He might be a fraud but his books are not "complete bullshit." One of the most effective ways to commit fraud is to combine good science with bad. The books contain many truths.

For instance, his claims about the FDA are completely believable. Take a look at the book "Surviving Terminal Cancer" by Dr. Ben Williams. He cites experience after experience of running into the roadblock to recovery from a gioblastoma multiforme brain tumor. He makes a convincing case that the FDA squashes the cure for cancer.

If Trudeau is a fraud he's mixing his lies with an awful lot of truth.

Your review would be much more helpful if you could point to where he's wrong rather than stating your opinion that all he wants is my money.

Is it possible that sunscreen and not the sun is the actual cause of skin cancer? That aluminum in anti-perspirant adversely affects the lymph system and breast? That cows killed in traumatic pain release stress hormones into the meat before dying?

These things are plausible as all hell. And since you are adept at identifying logical fallacy you know that Trudeau's prison history does not eliminate the possibility that his current books are truthful and helpful.

Looking forward to a more specific reasons for your opinion. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

well I am outraged. I personally went through a battery of tests in my 20's and went through 5 heart specialists, was misdiagnosed, missed two months of work, and finally diagnosed with mild MVP! So yes, it is possible for the "medical" specialists to be idiots and completely miss something as simple as MVP. And as for the injection of cellular material, I dont know much about that but what the heck do you think is in vaccinations????? Chicken embryos, monkey livers ect....Doesnt the medical community claim this is a perfectly safe procedure to inject our children with? How much longer can they continue to deny that they are causing our children to have autism and other diseases with these "recommended" vaccinations. You should do a little more research before you bash alternative treatments. Why not try acupuncture-you will find yourself in better shape for having had a treatment. I for one, after reading Kevin's books, am happy to say, my family is drug free, healthier, and better for having been given Kevin's powerful and true information.

CFeagans said...

well I am outraged. I personally went through a battery of tests in my 20's and went through 5 heart specialists, was misdiagnosed, missed two months of work, and finally diagnosed with mild MVP!

I'm very sorry to hear that.

So yes, it is possible for the "medical" specialists to be idiots and completely miss something as simple as MVP.

I'm always fascinated that those that cannot meet the expectations of some are automatically idiots, regardless of the issue at hand.

And as for the injection of cellular material, I dont know much about that but what the heck do you think is in vaccinations????? Chicken embryos, monkey livers ect....Doesnt the medical community claim this is a perfectly safe procedure to inject our children with?

Are you suggesting that vaccinations are "chicken embryos" and "monkey livers?" Vaccinations are comprised of vaccines, which are killed or otherwise inert forms of microorganisms like bacteria or viruses. They "teach" the immune system what the actual virus looks like so that it might be recognized and more easily defeated during phagocytosis and other immune responses to foreign invaders. There are no chicken embryos and monkey livers involed except perhaps in the cultivation or collection of the microorganisms.

How much longer can they continue to deny that they are causing our children to have autism and other diseases with these "recommended" vaccinations.

Why should they do anything *but* deny it? Why would medical professionals admit to an assertion based on hysteria, ignorance, poor education, and out-right confabulation and fear-mongering? There isn't a single bit of scientific evidence which suggests that vaccines have anything to do with "autism and other diseases."

You should do a little more research before you bash alternative treatments.

And you should obtain an education before you take a stand based on ignorance. It makes you look foolish. And, for that reason, it is perhaps wise that you chose to be anonymous in leaving your comment. But please: cite a source of information that should have been included in my "research." If you reply to that at all, I'm sure it will be the standard woo retort, "why should I do your research for you," given whenever said research doesn't really exist except in the imagination.

Why not try acupuncture-you will find yourself in better shape for having had a treatment.

I might as well try eating deep-fried bannana peels and smoking cattail leaves. There's precisely the same amount of evidence that they have any redeeming value in putting one in "better shape" as acupuncture.

I for one, after reading Kevin's books, am happy to say, my family is drug free, healthier, and better for having been given Kevin's powerful and true information.

Kevin Trudeau is a con artist. He's a quack. A hack. He's an asshole out to rip good, hardworking Americans off -stealing there money by making them fear medicine and doctors. I hope you don't have to find it out the hard way.

Good luck to you and good health to you and your family.

To all else that read this comment, this is a good example of why science education and critical thinking skills should not be neglected in America to the extent that they are. I'm not a fan of "big pharma" and other corporations that are willing to profit on the misery and needs of hard-working people. Kevin T. has made himself out to be a "champion" of the underdog and the people, but he's really out for #1. Himself. The guy *is* the establishment he pretends to warn others about. He exploits the fact that science education and critical thinking skills are not at a premium and that he can scam his marks into "buying" a book that doesn't actually reveal any information about "natural cures."

There is no substitue for scientific medicine. There is no "alternative" to it. Its either scientific or it isn't.

By the way, this blog has now moved to Wordpress (quite some time ago, actually). I'm going to post this comment as a separate post at the new blog.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to chime in. My girlfriend asked me to listen to his book on tape. So I have started doing that, getting towards the end now.

First, I agree with several of his assertions, most if not all which I had heard before. I would take a natural cure in a heartbeat over any prescription drug. I try to eat some of my food organic (when the price isn't too outrageous), among other things.

All that said, I was hoping to find in the book (after all, it's called natural cures) some natural cures, for possibly acne (I'm 28 and I still have it... - even the I eat pretty well (no fast food, lots of vegetables...)) and maybe help me lose some weight. I'm not too fat, but at 5'11, 210 I was weight more than I wanted to.

Anyhow, after going through 3/4 of the book (and I got this impressions after hearing him speak for 5 minutes - I have the audio book) there is simply nothing there.

He says a million times there is a natural cure for this, a natural cure for that - yet nowhere does he ever list what the cure is. He never cites what studies he gets his facts from, he never cites the actual cures, but general rules to follow. Basically, after listening to him, here is my short take:

The book provides some generic and helpful tips on being healthy (most of which you probably already know). A lot of his suggestions are good ideas.
However, in terms of natural cures being there, and any specific information about anything - there is simply NOTHING in the book.
Better yet - he shamelessly tells you to log onto his website to actually get his advice, and the specifics which are not in the book. His website is $10 a month - OUCH. I would never give my credit card information to this man.
He is a millionaire/billionaire who loves money, and to get any of his advice or products you can order them directly from his website...

Other than that, his personal traits are:
Too full of himself
His EGO didn't fit in the book, so he decided to put his picture all over the cover....

My girlfriend is upset at me - just a little.

But honestly, though some things make sense in the book - others are utter BS. If someone had a natural cure for cancer that worked very effectively you BET YOUR ASS that this person will get an interview on main stream media and double blind studies are conducted to support the claims. Big companies are all about the money, but see, a lot of things are about EGO and POWER. An MD with a natural cure for cancer WILL GET the highest accolades in the world. You better believe that wanting to be RECOGNIZED WORLD WIDE as the one who cured cancer and all the money and prestiege that comes with it will override anything else.

As for Kevin's many claims of secret meetings with Big Pharma - I'll say one thing: B U L L S H I T. He hasn't met with anyone, nor would ANY big company invite this man anywhere to hear what they have to say. Even if those secret corrupt meetings where true (which they probably ARE - I don't trust big business) you better believe Kevin was not there, nor did he have that many conversations he claims he did with all these leaders of Big companies.

He is out to make a buck.
This book is no different than "The Secret".

If I ever want to make a ton of money I know where to begin.............

Author and Subject said...

I am a third year medical student at a well-recognized Canadian Medical School. I have read Mr. Trudeau's book and can honestly say that this man is interesting in nothing other then lining his pockets at the expense of the misinformed population. Most of the statements he makes about certain disease processes are absolutely false, besides the fact that he has failed to directly state a 'cure' for anything. I also take great offence to his blanket statements about how uneducated doctors are about disease and curing disease. When I got involved in medicine, my primary concern was to cure disease, not to promote the profits of big Pharma. Most doctors are free thinkers who are truly interested in curing disease. The fact of the matter is most natural/alternative 'cures' are nothing more then bogus money making scams that unfortunately take advantage of the most vulnerable people. Take this from a guy who has studies Naturopathic Medicine, Homeopathic Medicine, and Botanical Medicine before studying mainstream medicine. If the results were there, MDs wouldn't be suppressing the truth...they would be the first ones to promote it! Please do not buy this book or any products from this man. I assure you it will end in your disappointment as Mr. Trudeau's bank account only gets larger.

Anonymous said...

everyone who calls natural cures and people who believe in them "whacky," "nuts," etc. are the crazy ones. you are the ones who spend thousands of dollars on health insurance and drugs that have ridiculous side effects like liver failure and can cause cancer and that really lead you to getting sicker and spending more money to continue the cycle. why does it make more sense that if you are sick and there is an herb you can take that will make you feel better with no side effects, or some antibiotic with ridiculous side effects like nausea, headaches, stomache pain, etc., to take the latter? I think the people choosing to take the drugs are the crazy ones. you don't have to believe in the natural cures and that is definitely your loss, and maybe when you are dying at the young age of 40 from breast or prostate and having to go through painful surgeries and chemo, you will look back and think maybe i should've listened or tried the natural cures; but you shouldn't be putting down people who do. they are going to be around on this earth living much happier and healthier lives much longer than you close-minded people are. kevin trudeau's book changed and saved my life, i think it was worth the $30 i spent and he profitted from. saving my life is worth a lot more than that. but you guys continue to let the government profit from keeping you down and sick because taking an herb to make you healthy is "crazy."

Anonymous said...

Mr Feagan, your a bully and although I am not a fan of Kevin Trudeau the substance of your writing reflects that of a pseudo-intellect, I notice you like that word pseudo. If your goal is to discredit Trudeau it certainly won't be accomplished by the ramblings of someone who is inexperienced in the art of research and writing, far more probative if your inability for any sort of abstract thought. You did not address the more substantive issues nor undermine his credibility. You quote a lot from Quack Watch, your only regurgitating what some other skeptic has said and it doesn't take a great deal of intellect to know they have an agenda. While I may agree that he is highly motivated by profit and some of the modalities are suspect, there still is some probative information that resonates with many readers who are not satisfied with our current medical sysmtem. Your treatment of the 17 year old young man is reprehensible, I am 53 and have been both a prosecutor and a judge most of my professional life. In addition I am a graduate of Oxford University and a member of Mensa, that doesn't mean a lot except I know a wanna be intellect who does not know which end is up. You lack basic manners and I am only glad that one of my children have not crossed your path. Most real intellects agree that things are not as black and white as your purport, that is for those that are less evolved intellectually, emotionally and in your case mentally. It doesn't surprise me your a 40 year old student. You owe the young man you bullied an apology, you are judgmental about people, places and things you really know nothing about. If you want to research me Mr. Feagans than please do, I also graduated from Harvard Law School and wrote for the Law Review, so I have some ability for critical thinking. I had two of my associates read your ramblings and all agree it is nothing more then rambling. To quote my associate "he ought to have his ass kicked for being such a bully to that young man". I understand that you really believe you posses some measure of intellectual ability Feagan but the truth of the matter is you should stay in school. Bobby

CFeagans said...

A response to the comment above can be found at A Hot Cup of Joe's new domain:

Or, this direct link.

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