Saturday, August 12, 2006

Politics: Christopher Walken for President in 2008

Check out the official website:

Stem Cell Research:
   "I'd met Chris Reeve several times before he died, and after having met him it is tough to be against [stem cell research]. I am for human knowledge and expansion of human life. If stem cells are one way to do that, I cannot support legislation to restrict this potentially life-saving research."

I don't know if Walken is serious or if someone is just being funny, but the video was funny!  He's got my vote...

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Øyvind said...

Check snopes, pal. It's a joke:).

CFeagans said...

Yeah, I figured it was (should definitely have checked Snopes!), but the premise is funny... so's the video. I came across it by accident and had to laugh & share :)

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